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The release date is: Monday 28th January 2019
The New Creation were a local Los Angeles group who during 1974 recorded the H.B. Barnum produced “The Fish Song” a tribute song dedicated to the door to door fish sellers of Whiting H&G. With the flipside again a tribute song dedicated to Elijah Muhammad the leader of Afro-American religious and political movement ,The Nation Of Islam. At the time of release the song received little radio airplay due to the radio stations deeming it a commercial song and demanding spot payments for it’s promotion. Undeterred the group self promoted and distributed the 45 amongst the local community and the audiences at their shows. The group continued to perform right through until the early 1980’s  often sharing the stage with Philadelphia’s The Delfonic’s, L.A,s own The Youngheart’s, New York’s Cool & The Gang (who also recorded a LP track dedicated to Whiting H&G). Fast forward to the present and “The Fish Song” and it’s flipside “Elijah Knows” has become a very desirable and sought after 45 (although most copies of the few copies found are not in great shape) amongst Lowrider, Crossover, Sweet and Group Harmony collectors both in Europe and the 45’s native USA.